SouthIndian Government Guidelines for Wedding - Latest Covid Guidelines and plan for small weddings

SouthIndian Government Guidelines for Wedding - Latest Covid Guidelines and plan for small weddings


Every couple who postponed or waited for there wedding in 2022, and hoped the rid of covid agetations. Mean while the omicron came into the move and all states starts imposing the restrictions and again situation is vitiating the couples and There is an massive surge in the omicron cases so as to the central and state government have emendation on the current scenario. So you can plan a small weddings with safety and precautions by obeying the state guidelines. Here are the southIndian government guidelines for small weddings.

Wedding Guidelines in Tamilnadu

The restrictions and guidelines for small wedding in the tamilnadu with regarding to the state government as follow :

Only '50' Member's of people are allowed for wedding.

10 pm to 5 am will be night curfew.

Complete lockdown will be followed on sundays.

Wedding Guidelines in Karnataka

The Karnataka state government strictly imposed the restrictions on events and parties and following things are mandatory to do for wedding

Night curfew from 11 pm to 5 am.

The maximum gathering for indoor wedding would be '100' are allowed.

'200' People are allowed for outdoor wedding.

Wedding Guidelines in Kerala

Keeping on the ongoing situation on the mind the state government of kerala has imposed the restrictions and guidlines and declared the maximum number can allowed for wedding.

A maximum of 250 guest will be allowed to a wedding for indoor.

75 People are allowed to outdoor wedding.

There is no night curfew yet.

Wedding Guidelines in Telanagana

The hosting of wedding and provided guidelines with regarding to the covid cases by the state government of telangana are as follow :

The wedding gathering will now be restricted to a maximum of '150' people cap for outdoor weddings.

There is no night curfew yet.

Wedding Guidelines in Andhrapradesh

The following advisory has been issued by the government of Andhra for performing marriage function in view of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic:

'200' people are allowed in case of outdoor weddings.

For indoor weddings, '100'people are allow

There is no night curfew yet

Expert Guides to plan a small wedding during this times.

Save the date

Since it would be a small wedding, you need to send a invitations of save dates and save the date is crucial to plan the decoration and other things with perfect planning also this will allow you to plan a gustlist and go after.

Digital Invitation

No matter that what the location or what the date when it's going to a small wedding, Since your nearest and dearest one to attend the wedding. we suggest you go with the digital invitation the main reason also hidden on the background that we are suggesting the digital invitation is the digital invitation is now going trendy on these days and following the same trend by many of the new couples. The digitial invitation is a perfect way to invite your guest in the times of covid.  There are great for multiple reasons like cost-cutting, convenience and you can have a wide range of templates and also customize as you need.

Live streaming

Just that you have a small guest list that won't means that anyone has to be left of celebrating your wedding. So many couple are opting live stream there wedding for witness there wedding to there lovely and closed ones. Holding a live streaming can be a simple or elobrate, there are many social networks and many companies servicing the live streaming. So it is the seamless way to share your moments with over your guests.

No wedding on weekends

Say no wedding on weekends B'coz there are main reasons to say no, for in case point the state governments are imposing the lockdowns for weekends and there will be more hustling of people in the weekends and also people hurry-burry in this times. Also we have the situation that more guests can attend the wedding on the weekends, so the situation is difficult.  So mostly avoid the weekends to get rid from this type of problems and save the date on the main dates.

Make pcr test mandatory

State every one to compulsory to pcr test while attending to the wedding, atleast make mandatory to vendor or wedding professional to take pcr test before servicing in your wedding and make ensure the professionals using new practises and wearing masks. The testing is a good partial defence from covid and it helpful to determine who has and had the virus more than a week that enough you to caution with them.


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