Tamil Muhurthas 2021 As Per Tamil Calendar

Tamil Muhurthas 2021 As Per Tamil Calendar


The year 2020 remains as a misfortune year for many things, mainly the dreamed couples who wants to marry in this year 2020 were foiled by postponing there dream wedding. For that downcasted couple we have a amazing lists of auspicious dates form the tamil calendars. In tamil the auspicious dates popularly known as muhurthanaal. So you get more time to plan your wedding by picking a good auspicious date and don't leave the chance for your dream wedding in the upcoming year 2021. Get Start planning for your most dreamed wedding!!

Subhamuhurtham Dates For January 2021

The January month which having high attention and having more hopes for the couple who get canceled there wedding in 2020. The month can having number of weddings and the thai month were starts the wedding season after the pongal festivies, So gear up your planning for the month and pick your dream date. 

Subhamuhurtham Dates For February 2021

The month of february will always fill with love and it's the month of valentine and also the moth fill with more weddings. Plan your dream date with a wonder full climite and enjoy with outdoor wedding with cool breeze. February has over four best wedding muhurthas. 

Subhamuhurtham Dates For March 2021

If you are looking a sunny day to plan your wedding? We picked the best muhurtham for celebrating your dream wedding. Althrough the march month has less muhurtham dates to pick the month and you can full fill all your dream for your dream wedding.


Subhamuhurtham Dates For Apirl 2021

And the summer is here! This month is best for destination wedding and beach side weddings where you can rockup your dream wedding.  But the month having only two muhurtha with a weekend , so starting picking good wedding vendors and start your plan.

Subhamuhurtham Dates For May 2021

The may month is the last month for the summer season so start your prepartion for pool side pre wedding parties and the beautiful mehndi parties.  Wear lehanga which lighter weight and beautiful to wear. Definetly the most preffered month to marry.

Subhamuhurtham Dates For June 2021

A great number of dates are available in the june month and also having two weekend muhurthas. the monsoon will start to begain and you can celebrate with misty climate condition in this month. You can enjoy at the time of mungalasnanam while pouring the hot water. So we picked special muhurtham dates..

Subhamuhurtham Dates For July 2021

The month july having Three muhurtham dates, After the adhi month get started and no events are participated on the month of adhi and less auspicious dates on the hands. Some people get wait to get over the adhi muhurtham. So it is the best time to prepare for your wedding and pick a date from later months.

Subhamuhurtham Dates For August 2021

After the 3rd week of august wedding season gets starts and there is only one muhurtham day in august. And the finding a venue in this month is  a biggest task. So be prepared and celebarte your dream wedding.

Subhamuhurtham Dates For September 2021

There are enough options in the september month to pick the date. This month is good for initiate wedding and indoor wedding with small number of guests with humid climate. This month we have four muhurtham dates which will be easy to fix the dates.

Subhamuhurtham Dates For October 2021

Coming to october the whether get better and it be a fun filled month to get marriage. The October having with only two muhurtham dates and the dates is quite less than the previous month. Shortlist your vendor and start planning for your wedding in this month.

Subhamuhurtham Dates For November 2021

This diwali festive months has eight muhurthas do all your bookings in advance because this festives seasons were all fixed with a certain work. Ensure every thing that going perfect on the wedding day and start choosing your vendor.

Subhamuhurtham Dates For Decembar 2021

Every ones favourite month with a cold period and many weddings are places on this dreamy decemeber , It is a great pick! We mostly recommend the outdoor wedding in this month. We have four best muhurtham dates in the month also it is the last month in the year.

What is valarpirai?

There are 30 such lunar days in a lunar month and they are sequentially numbered starting from the new moon as well as the full moon. Thus, in the moon’s waxing phase, the first lunar day is called new moon or AMAVASYA.

Here the sun and moon are separated by zero degrees. As they begin to separate the first thithi begins when the sun and the moon are separated by 120. The next lunar day is called the second tithi when the sun and the moon have separated by 240 degrees. When they are separated by 36o, the third thithi begins. This continues to the 14th lunar day until the sun and the moon have separated 180o and the moon is fully and clearly visible. The day after the 14th day is called the full moon day or PURNIMA.

It is also called POWRNAMI in Tamil. The first 15 thithis are waxing phases of the moon. In Sanskrit this is called the SUKLA PAKSA. In Tamil is is called VALAR PIRAI; ‘valar’ means ‘growing’ or developing and ‘pirai’ refers to partial moon or the bright side of the lunar month.

What is Theipirai?

The numbering sequence starts all over again after Sukla paksa. These are the waning phases of the moon. Here the thithi begins again counting from one as the longitudinal separation between sun and the moon decreasing back to Oo. This is the dark side of the lunar month. Sometimes the sun and moon can both be seen at the same time. In the olden days people used the hand method to measure the longitudinal separation between the sun and the moon. In Tamil, this phase is called ‘THEI PIRAI’ where ‘thei’ indicates ‘decreasing’ or waning.

Is there any inauspicious days in tamil months?

 Belief that the Aadi Masam ( roughly June-July) and Margazhi Masam (roughly December – January) are inauspicious to get married.

How are auspicious days calculated?

The ausicious dates or muhurtham dates are calculated by the planetary movements and depends on other major factors, The mathematical calculation plays a major role to identify the muhurtha


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