Planning for a surprise birthday party for your child here is the full plan!

Planning for a surprise birthday party for your child here is the full plan!


Many doubts and questions that raises in your mind before a week for your childs birthday. How to plan?. How to celebrate? . So plan for a surprize birthday party for your cherished child. Just throwing a birthday party is pretty simple. But little planning and affection is needed. Plan before a week for the excellent  birthday party. So if you planning for a birthday party these steps will help you throughout planning.

1. Budget

Birthday party can easily a more money, So it is important to plan a budget and follow it. Planning for a budget will help you to organize a birthday party more enhance. If your budget will be very low, don't think about it there is a many way's to organize budget friendly party's which we discuss below. Split each elements (food, decor, invitations) and decide how much you should spent on each element.

2. Guestlist

Make a note for whose to invite for the party and make sure that they want on the guestlist. If you having more members on guest list it likely means you will organize some more food and other things, check once or twice and make sure of it. The gust list ensures to recollect the forgetten gusts. Mostly invite the gust below the five years old as of your child or your child is above five year then invite there friend of the same age for the making more fun on the fun activites. 

3. Select a location

Once again the rentals for any restraunts or venues will raise affect more on your budget keep notice or it will be very burden on you. Having party at your home is the perfect way without any rental burden, if you want to celebrate your kids birthday stately the venues or restrauents are the best idea. Otherwise you can turn over your home into party place by decorating with the things present at the house.

4. Theme

Discuss these thing with your child about his/her favourite cartoon character and list it. Then set up the theme that there favourite, they really feel very happy and surprizingly. And buy decors everything matches with the theme. If your child is a boy then consider some intresting themes like pirates, avengers, angrybird that relevant for the boys birthday. If your child is a girl then consider some sweet themes like frozen, disney, mermaid that relevent to the girls birthday party.

5. Invitation 

Invite the guest out from the guestlist by sending invitation a month or more before the birthday. If you not sended any invitation beforely then it  is hard to navigate your guest from there busy. So try reach them before a moth or send the invitation via socialmedia. You can create the invitation by digital, make sure that the invitation should be match with the birthday theme, otherwise create the card with simple designs with glitters or other styles.

6. Food

Create a plan for food and baverages, Decide and serve the food that will best for the party. For kids you can serve tasty and interactive foods like pizza or other food items. Make sure any guest will suffering from food allergies, if there is guest suffering from food allergy then handle them care by treating them specially. Decorate the food and other stuff by matching with the theme. 

7. Entertainment activites

For a kids birthday party it is most imporant thing. entertainment is the most awaited time in every party will gives some remarkable memories. So Plan a story time it goes with theme theme or talk about a few things and memories of your child. Other ideas is to play music and ask the child to dance on the floor.

8. Goodie bags 

Make sure the kid's or guest don't leave without a goodie bags. Fill with the bags with candies or other toys. have the birthay child personally say thank you and good bye to each guest at the door, and hand them a goodie bags.          


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