10 Types of wedding venues that changes your dream wedding!

10 Types of wedding venues that changes your dream wedding!


A dream wedding is not a wedding without a good and proper venues to host. Many of them narrow the various destinations weddings and resort weddings not only this weddings are trendy in now a days most of the other weddings are also attracting the present trends of wedding. Now a days the aspects also increases according to wedding venue. You should have to expect outlooks and imenities attentively like accomedations, nightstay, restrooms, valet parking, doorroom service and other imunities. It's your choice that which type of venue that appropriate your dreamed wedding. Let check the idea's and select your best loved venue for your dreamy day..

1. Banquet Hall

Banquet hall is cool idea among the other venue types. It mark first on the popular type of venue list. With the splended interiors, glossytiles, vendors, architecture and other imunites that were leaves a aweful feeling to the guests in your wedding. The banquet hall exist at each your comfortable prices without any extra remission.

2. House of worship

For the most suggestable venue for the most traditional couples. Many of the couples choose to host in there religious temples, church, mosque for there wedding ceremonies and for wedding. Some house of worship having accomedations for the guest. 

3. Beach venue

Host your wedding and reception on the sea shore and enjoy the day and night on the water shore. This is the perfect plan for all your dreamed wedding. Choose your favorite beach that offers the relaxed wedding. Based upon your choice the wedding runs more attractvely then you expect.

4. Garden or Lawn venue

The couples who are getting married in garden or lawn with a greenery, blosms, flower petals, tree and the background provide attractive natural theme. The nature provides the natural decors, so no much need to ad artifical decors you can setup a mandap in the garden with gorgeous lighting, cloth and other decors to complete your wedding task.

5. Historic place

The gorgeous architecture and the royality brings the bridal as a "Queen" for the day. There is lot of spaces for the stages, ceremonies and accomedation. Note the historic places contains some significance and regulations. The budget affords more. 

6. Hotel or resorts

Moreover the hotels and resorts having more spacious space for several events. There is a lot of advantages for wedding in hotels. Then hotel and resorts host good services with some benefits. There is no bothers about accomedations in hotel and resorts. The elements add the charm to the wedding.

7. Country club or backyard

If you are looking for the savings on your wedding budget it is the right option to plan wedding in country club, there is no cost for venues etc. Simply pick a vendor and grab some decors for your mixing charm to your wedding. It might be the best place for your big day. 

8. Cruise wedding venue

It is the popular venue among other venues. The wedding in cruise is a cool and unique idea for memorable wedding. The budget will havier with this cruise. Some cruise owner don't accept this ceremonies so ensure before. the guests fell gorgeous with your wedding and they enjoys more with the ride.

9. Government buildings

These are present in the city limits. All guests and family members were comfortable without any accomedations. The simple halls that gives best for every wedding necessary. Some rules and regulations when comes to vendors, decor and time so aware with this before you book. 

10. Venue at home

Home it always the best venue for every ceremony. Every memory that stick with your home also a wedding It is probably good for wedding venue. It takes some work with you and your wedding vendor to decor glory. Add some vintage things for charm in your wedding.



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